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Luxury Coach Hire

If you want to go on holiday with a large group of people or need to travel quite a distance, there really is no better way to travel than on a luxury coach. A luxury coach is a really enjoyable experience as not only does it enable a large group of people to travel together all at once but it also includes all the modern amenities (and more!) that you would expect. There are a variety of luxury coach hire companies in the UK so finding one that meets the needs of your travelling party should not be too difficult.

A Safer and More Comfortable Travelling Experience

A luxury coach hire company won’t just provide its customers with a luxury coach and an affordable rental, but it will also provide other necessary resources that will make the travelling experience safer and more comfortable. Whether you require air conditioning, heating, a television, a toilet or disabled access, most UK coach hire companies will be able to accommodate your needs. However if you want extra facilities such as reclining seats, reading lights, drink machines, and the best is on-board entertainment available, a luxury coach hire is what you require.

Luxury Coach Hire No longer just for tourists, a luxury coach hire is a popular choice for numerous groups of people – and better still, it is an incredibly environmentally friendly way to travel. If you are travelling with a group of school aged children you will surely want to look into keeping them quiet on the journey. This is when the on-board entertainment comes in handy… you can even get a luxury coach hire that includes PlayStations! Or maybe you are travelling across the country with your work colleagues? In these cases a luxury coach hire that is Wi-Fi enabled may the best option. Better still, there are some luxury coaches that come fully equipped with beds – this is the ideal option for people wanting to travel from the UK, into and around Europe. There really is no more comfortable way of travelling.

Look for Quotations First

If you are planning on hiring a luxury coach in the UK, your first step is to look for quotations. Most companies have a website detailing their rates however a better option is to contact the company directly (either by phone or in person) to discuss your needs. By discussing your needs personally you can rest assured that your luxury coach hire will be fitted out to your specifications and you may even receive a discount.

The quote you receive will be based on the luxury coach that you hire and on the route and destination of your journey. For this reason it is always a good idea to plan your destination before you look for quotes. Know where you are going to and from, and whether there are any detours that you would like to make. Once you know what type of luxury coach hire you require and what route you want to take, it is always advisable to obtain quotations from a variety of companies – at least three is a good idea. This way you can ensure that you are receiving the most for your money. Don’t immediately opt for the cheapest company though; rather opt for the one that gives you the best value for money.

Coach Hire Companies

There are various coach hire companies in and around the UK that provide some fabulous luxury coaches to ensure a fantastic trip. Here are a few of the companies that are highly recommended:
  • O Connor Coaches - this company offers luxury coach hire for all kinds of customer. Their luxury coaches are available at your service at any time for any kind of outing, be it professional tours, school outings, sports travelling, weddings etc. O Connor Coaches pride themselves on offering luxury at “rock bottom prices” and with thirty years of experience you can be sure that your trip will be fantastic.

  • Just Coach Hire – Just Coach Hire have a variety of different luxury coaches available that include everything that you could ever need on a journey – yes they even include a kitchen sink! Known as the grand-daddy of luxury coach hire, their coaches won’t fail to impress. Ideal for a variety of different groups, Just Coach Hire claim that they are the number one company for sports teams (in particular footballers) but are just as well liked with business and hospitality groups. With a variety of modern amenities including awesome on-board entertainment, cooking facilities and sleeping areas, this is one great luxury coach hire company to travel with.

  • VIP Coach Hire – VIP Coach Hire is an award winning luxury coach hire company based in the UK. Their coaches are available for both journeys in the UK and further afield and the company aims to give all of their travellers a truly luxurious and glamorous travelling experience. Especially ideal for business travellers, the luxury coaches available from VIP Coach Hire come with a range of modern facilities including Sky TV, business link-up facilities, luxury leather seating, a fully stocked bar and hosting. A three course meal can also be served to all travellers if booked in advance.

Professional or Family Friendly

As said above, a luxury coach hire can be catered to the needs of the group that is hiring it. Although thought to be exclusively for the rich and famous this is no longer the case as a variety of different people now choose to travel with this mode of transport. Luxury coach hire is a popular option for sports teams (especially footballers), but also for business groups and even families.

The amenities available on luxury coaches vary and many companies will cater to a vast selection of people. Children are well catered for with plasma TVs, PlayStations and games areas, whilst business personnel can take advantage of Wi-Fi internet and PowerPoint presentation options. Better still; a group of people wishing to travel into Europe are also well catered for with reclining seats, plush bathrooms and even fold out beds! When you consider the costs of a luxury coach hire alongside the experience, you are sure to find this a more than ideal option.

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Luxury Coach Hire

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