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Luxury Coach Buses

Among the variety of methods of transport available today, luxury coach buses perhaps represent the hidden gem. Whether it's the executive mini-bus providing a weekend brainstorming break or a rock star's VIP transport, the luxury coach or bus can provide fantastic flexibility, almost unimaginable levels of luxury and a comfortable, safe way of transport for people from many walks of life.

Some manufacturers of luxury coaches and specialist coachbuilders include Mercedes-Benz, Keillor Coachbuilders, VDL Group, Optare, Blue Bird Corporation and Galaxy Coach. Several companies specialize in bespoke adaptations of existing vehicles to provide a truly unique and luxurious means of transport.

Luxury coach buses can have a variety of uses. Holiday transport is a popular option, as well as executive travel for business people and VIP transport for those who need to spend a great deal of time on the road.

Holiday Transport Getting You Safe and On Time

Coach excursions and holidays are very popular, whether it be a weekend city break or European tour. Offering a multitude of advantages over train, plane or car, luxury coach buses fill the needs of many travellers.

The advantages include flexibility of pick-up and drop-off. Service can be door-to-door, unlike train or plane. The flexibility doesn't stop there. Virtually wherever you want to go, you can go by coach. No transfers, trips to the station, airport check-in or being dictated to by timetables.

Luxury coach buses can accommodate a wide number of passengers, from a handful to 70 or more. Luggage capacity is also usually large enough for almost all needs.

Luxury Coach Hire Most people know how sociable and fun coach trips can be. With the strain of driving taken away, you can relax, enjoy a drink and meet new people. With modern entertainment systems, on-board movies and music provide a great way to enjoyably pass the time. And there are fantastic views from the elevated position and full-size windows.

Well-equipped luxury coach buses can also include a bathroom, air conditioning, air suspension, drinks and food, reclining seats with seat belts and table, power points and wi-fi. A hostess may be on hand to provide drinks and refreshments and other services.

Executive Travel For All Your Needs

The needs of business can easily be accommodated by a luxury coach, mini-bus or similar. Vehicles can be equipped with monitor systems to allow computer presentations, with wi-fi and power points for all passengers. This way, travel time can still be productive. It can be easily imagined how much more flexible, spacious and well-equipped a luxury coach or bus can be, compared to even the most luxurious limo.

VIP Transport For Those Who Need A Little Extra

A favourite of rock stars, luxury coach buses are chosen for their ability to transport stars in pampering comfort. With levels of luxury similar (or better) than first-class air travel, such vehicles can include full-sized sleeping areas, bar facilities as well as top-of-the-range multimedia equipment.

Unlike with air travel, luxury coach buses have complete flexibility to travel anywhere there is a road. Security is enhanced by the lack of a need for transfers, check-in and other delaying factors.

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