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Luxury Coach Manufacturers

There a number of luxury coach manufacturers, producing a range of specialist vehicles suitable for a vast range of purposes. Here, we look at some of the better-known manufacturers and adapters.

Some of the Best Manufacturers

It is mostly well-known, large motor companies that make the commercial passenger vehicles that form the basis of most luxury coaches. These are some of the luxury coach manufacturers.

Ford produces a number of coaches as a second stage manufacturer. This means that their bus products are known as incomplete motor vehicles. Their current range includes, of course, the smaller min-bus Transit available as 12, 15 or 17 seater models. Larger coaches include the older F-650 and F-700 bus chassis.

MAN truck and Bus AG is a large German provider of commercial vehicles, including buses and coaches. NEOPLAN is their VIP bus division. They have a particularly good reputation for technical expertise.

Well-known models include the Starliner, Trendliner and Tourliner. Current production consists of the Tourliner, Cityliner, Skyliner and Starliner. They have to main plants in Germany Plauen used for premium luxury coaches and Pilsting concentrating on customization.

Mercedes-Benz is perhaps the longest established of the luxury coach manufacturers, and their range includes the Polomex joint venture between Mercedes and Brazilian company Marcopolo. The Polomex range includes the Multego luxury coach based on the Mercedes-Benz OC500 bus chassis. The body uses a similar design to the M-B Travego.

Optare is a bus manufacturer and importer based in Leeds. A full range of commercial passenger vehicles is produced, from Mini-bus to double decker. The Leeds manufacturing plant is the former Leyland Bus factory. The company import Toro, Solera and Soroco luxury mini-bus models from the Spanish manufacturer Ferqui.

Current coach and bus models include the Tempo single decker, Versa midbus, Olympus double decker, Visionaire open top double decker and the Toro, Solera, Soroco, Rapido and Viedo coaches.

Van Hool is a Belgian coachbuilder and manufacturer. The current range includes the T9 touring coach, consisting of several product variants, and available with chassis from Scania, Volvo and VDL.

Scania (now part of Volkswagen) manufacture the F-series, K-series, N-series, OmniLink, OmniCity and OmniExpress range. The OmniExpress is an intercity coach model.

The VDL group of the Netherlands includes bus manufacturing subsidiaries, with a range of public transport buses, coaches, chassis modules and mini-buses. VDL Bova is a luxury coach subsidiary, well-known for the Bova Futura model.

Coachbuilders and Adapters

As well as the multitude of luxury coach manufacturers mentioned above, there are a number of coachbuilders and adapters who fashion specialized vehicles, usually based on the chassis or complete body of a product supplied by one of the manufacturers mentioned above.

Many of these companies are small, bespoke organizations producing the ultimate in luxury and amenity. An example might be The Bus Business. They specialise in producing promotional vehicles for VIP and other purposes. They can perform customisations to the most exacting of standards, clients including major brands, businesses, rock groups and other VIPs.

There are many similar companies offering customisation and adaptations and this is just an introduction to the range of luxury coach manufacturers available.

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