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Luxury Coach Rentals

If you are looking for reliable luxury coach rentals, this guide should give some idea where to start. There is a great deal of choice available, depending on your particular needs and requirements.

Why Should You Choose Coach Rental?

There are many reasons you might need to arrange luxury coach rentals. These are some:
  • Business travel. You need comfortable transport with a minimum of hassle. Being able to carry on working (or even conduct a meeting) while you travel is an added bonus.
  • Group leisure trip. These come in many varieties. A stag night, hen night, city tour, golf trip, European tour, seaside visit etc.
  • VIP transport. Offering greater than limo service and convenience, luxury coach rentals can move your VIP around in a pampering and convenient way. Security and convenience is enhanced by the flexibility of the luxury coach. Provision for a comfortable sleeping area, WC and shower, cooking and a bar can be easily incorporated into the space available.
  • Transportation of touring entertainers. Again, the flexibility and convenience of a luxury coach makes perfect sense for touring artists or groups.
  • Marketing and mobile PR. Companies can use luxury coach rentals for eye-catching marketing purposes. The large body are provides a perfect moving billboard and the interior can be formatted to serve a great number of purposes.
  • Living. It is even possible to hire a luxury coach long-term to provide mobile and comfortable accommodation for an individual, family or group.

What Is On Offer When You Rent A Coach?

Here are some examples of luxury coach rentals recently advertised. These should give you some idea as to the types of vehicle on offer.
  • 19 seater luxury coach. Especially suitable for senior executives. Tables for each seat. Entertainment system including DVD. Reclining seats and air conditioning.
  • 36 seater luxury coach. A modified version of a 49 seat vehicle, allowing for much more space. Luxury seating with large tables. Air conditioning and washroom. Entertainment system includes PA, CD/cassette radio player, DVD player and monitors, seatback trays, curtained windows and footrests.
  • Unique luxury coach. Seating up to 16 people and with luxury fittings and fixtures. Large size plasma TV with DVD player, adjustable reclining seats which can be configured in a number of different ways. Leather and wood interior. Spacious toilet including shower. Bar area and fridge. Fully curtained windows.
  • "Limo" style coach. Seating up to 16 people. Featuring hand-upholstered leather bench seating, tinted windows with blinds, full sound system and large screen TV, air conditioning, large mini bar and drinks area. Great for birthday parties, stag and hen nights.

Where to go?

A large number of companies provide luxury coach services fo the following:
  • Vip coach hire
  • Tappins
  • Executive coach hire
  • Luxury coach
  • Vip coach hire
  • Car-rental-hire
  • Best coach hire
Whatever you choose, luxury coach travel will ensure you have a stress-free, convenient and highly comfortable journey. Whether it's an airport pick-up, tour around the country, business meeting on the move or an extra special birthday treat, satisfaction is guaranteed. Avoid the hassle of other forms of transport, luxury coach rentals are a sensible solutions.

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