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Luxury Coach Tours

A vast range of destinations is served by luxury coach tours. Whether you want a short trip for one, or a full-blown European tour for a large group, luxury coach tours can provide the solution.

Advantages over the Alternatives

Even if only one or a few people want to travel, luxury coach tours may be preferable to the alternatives. What about self-drive? Of course, this is often the option that people with their own car will think of first. However, a luxury coach should really be considered.

With self-drive, you have the stress of driving and navigating, often in an area you will be unfamiliar with. Will there be enough room for all the people and their luggage?

The luxury coach tour alternative will provide you with a number of advantages. The benefit of being driven by an experienced and professional driver. Plenty of room for passengers and luggage. No worries about directions and navigating.

How about using trains? Then, you have the extra expense and time of getting from station to station. The seating and facilities will most likely not be as good as with a luxury coach.

Of course, you will also have to follow the strict rail timetable. Plenty of areas, in the UK as well as Europe are not that well-served by railways.

With luxury coach tours, you can have a door to door service, reducing the expense and inconvenience of taxis to the railway station. Also, there's the flexibility of a timetable to suit your needs, rather than the one dictated by railway companies. In many ways, the accommodation is likely to be more comfortable, as well. Spacious, comfortable and adjustable seating, TV and DVD service, on-board fridge and good bathroom facilities are the norm.

Nowadays, airplane travel is becoming more and more fraught with security checks, time-consuming procedures and cramped economy conditions. Airport parking is usually expensive and flights may even necessitate an overnight stay at an airport hotel. Of course, you also have the inflexibility of a fixed timetable. A great amount of extra travelling may be involved, just to get to and from airports.

Some people find air travel very stressful, or they may even have a phobia about flying.

Now compare with a luxury coach, which is flexible to suit your needs, boasting a full range of amenities and comforts. You can be transported all the way throughout your tour, taken everywhere you need to go. No worries about check-in, baggage weight restrictions, getting to the airport on time etc.

Types of Tours Available

A vast range of tours can be arranged with a luxury coach. The number of travellers can be from one to 40 or 50 (or more). You can join a schedule tour, or tailor your own.

Coaches can be configured in a number of different ways, to carry a different number of passengers and offer different levels of comfort. Hostess service and even sleeping facilities can be arranged.

Luxury coach tours really are worth considering. Don't discount them as a poor alternative. They may actually make the most sense and offer the greatest comfort and convenience.

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