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Luxury Mini Coach Hire

A Convenient way to Travel

With so many of us needing to get around all the time for various reasons, luxury mini coach hire can be an overlooked gem of an option. The choices may include private car, taxi, train or even airplane, but don't think that a mini coach will necessarily not be a good, comfortable and affordable choice. This article will look at some of the major advantages that can come from luxury mini coach hire and provide some hints and tips.

What is the reason for your specific journey? Maybe you are wanting to arrange a short break, need to get to the airport for a flight, have a wedding coming up or want to organize a special birthday trip. All of these can lend themselves particularly well to the luxury mini coach or bus.

With luxury coach hire, you have the ultimate in flexibility.

You decide where to be picked up from and dropped off. You decide the times and stops. No worries about timetable, checking-in or getting to or from stations. All this serves to reduce stress, cost and inconvenience.

The driver takes care of all the navigation, routes and general operation of the vehicle. All you have to is sit back and relax.

Travel in Luxury With First Class Coaches

Mini coach hire enables the passenger to travel in a great deal of convenience and luxury. Mini coaches seating up to 16 or 17 people can offer an impressive range of equipment among luxurious fittings and fixtures. Large, deep windows and the elevated position offer a panoramic view as you get around.

A typical luxury mini coach or mini bus might include the following. First, a sophisticated entertainment system consisting of flat screen TV with DVD and video player, a high quality sound system and PA facilities. Air conditioning and heating will ensure a comfortable environment.

Seating may be adjustable and reclining, with seatbelts and armrests. Curtains or blinds will be fitted to tinted windows.

Large luggage capacity and possibly a fridge will take care of storage. And, of course, many mini coaches are wheelchair accessible.

Interiors can be trimmed to a high standard, with interior dimmable lighting. A high roof will ensure plenty of head room and an airy atmosphere.

So, a group can travel together in peace and comfort, enjoying the facilities provided by the luxury mini coach. As mentioned above, ideal for business people, leisure travellers or others needing to travel affordably, but in luxurious and comfortable conditions.

Where is the best place to hire?

There are many companies offering luxury mini coach hire, some well-known and some less well-known. Here are some examples:
  • The Kings Ferry Company (part of National Express) is based in Birmingham and boast an impressive client list, offering a full range of luxury transportation services.
  • Everydays Travel has a range of luxury mini buses and coaches. BK Travel offer luxury mini coach hire services throughout London and the South East.
This is just a small sample of the companies offering luxury mini coach hire. Search the internet or contact a travel agent for more details.

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