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Private Coach Hire

When my boss made the announcement that we would be attending our annual trade show by private coach hire my heart sank. A few after-meeting discussions with my colleagues showed that I was not alone in my feelings of dread. We usually travel to these events by airplane and the idea of having to slum it in a bus certainly felt like a big step down. Granted, this year's show is a bit nearer that other years, but three hundred miles in coach is my idea of hell.

Why I Dislike Coach Travel

I have not set foot on coach in over thirty years and then it was for school trips; I never expected to be setting foot on one again. For me coaches are all very seventies and un-cool; I think of older people going for day trips to Brighton. I may have gone past middle age but I certainly don't feel ready for this type of carry on. My experience of coaches is sitting squashed into an uncomfortable seat and trying to stop myself from getting travel sick; in other words a form of hell on Earth.

My Experience with Private Coach Hire

Luxury Coach Hire On the day of our planned trip I arrived at the assembly area feeling extremely disgruntled; I felt like a school child and wanted to stamp my feet and refuse to go. The coaches arrived and to my surprise they looked a whole lot different from what I'd expected. Maybe I have not being paying much attention but coaches have come a long way since the eighties. When I actually stepped on the bus my mood was lifted further because what greeted me was a whole different kettle of fish than what I'd been expecting.

The best way to describe the inside of our coach would be to say that it was luxurious. The seats looked comfy and everything looked modern. The air smelt clean and fresh; the stale smell of booze along with fish and chips that I had been preparing myself for was missing. I sat down and was pleased to find that the chairs were as comfortable as they looked. I thought to myself, "I could get used to this".

The trip to the trade show passed in no time; the truth is that it was a whole lot more comfortable than flying. We were delivered door to door. The bus was full of different forms of entertainment and some of my colleagues spent the time watching DVDs or playing on the supplied console games. I was happy just to relax back into my seat and drift into a nice relaxing sleep. When I woke up we were at the venue but I would have been happy to stay sleeping for another hour or two on the coach.

If anyone else has been informed that their boss has selected private coach hire for the next trip, don't despair; it is certainly not something you should consider resigning over. You are likely going to be impressed when you see just how pleasant this form of transportation can be these days.

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