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Private Hire Coaches

Why private coach hire? This article looks at the pros and cons of this type of travel. Compared to other ways of getting around, you may be surprised at the advantages offered by coach hire.

Coaches For Your Travelling Convenience

Imagine you are travelling by car with a group. You fret over directions and navigating as you try to find your way around the infernal one-way system that seems intent on getting you further away from where you want to go. You are hungry and thirsty, but no time to stop. Even worse, you are really in need of a bathroom break, but there is no sight of anywhere you can stop (even if you had the time, which you don't).

The car is playing up and the engine really should have had a service weeks ago. You worry about the petrol level as the needle drops closer and closer to the red zone.

You would put your foot down, but can't afford the points on your licence if caught on camera. The seat is feeling more and more uncomfortable and the radio is broken.

You finally arrive at your destination (perhaps a business meeting or appointment to collect someone from the airport). You're tired, stressed, hungry, thirsty and late.

You wish you had considered private coach hire.

OK, so how about a flight?

There's getting to the airport on time to worry about. Remember, they say allow three hours for long-haul flights. Then you park the car (cursing the extortionate parking fees), drag your luggage to Departures and then notice the queue for check-in.

After a miserable half-hour wait to check-in, you find out that you are slightly over the baggage weight limit. More extortionate fees. Then, trudge the long walk to your departure gate. More endless waiting and you haven't even got on the plane yet.

When you finally board, you squeeze into the economy size seat and try to relax. The noise, cramped conditions and your barely-controlled fear of flying make this difficult.

It's not necessary to detail all the stress, delay and inconvenience at the other end. You get the point. On top of all this, you have a limited timetable of flights to choose from and only selected cities to depart from and arrive at.

Private coach hire may have been much more sensible.

Should You Take The Train?

Unfortunately, the train suffers from many of the inconveniences of air travel. Limited timetables and getting to and from the station are just the beginning. Ever-increasing ticket prices and poor, cramped conditions make the whole experience less than pleasant. Delays are always a distinct possibility and luggage space is very limited. Entertainment is sparse or non-existent.

What this article is trying to say is: you should really consider private coach hire. Flexible and stress-free, you can enjoy on-board entertainment with TV and DVD systems, drinks and refreshments. No worries about navigating and having to drive, even door-to-door service is possible.

Private coach hire can also be surprisingly affordable. Certainly for groups, it makes a great deal of sense.

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