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Land Yacht Hire

A land yacht is the most luxurious way to travel on the roads. If you want to get around in style or create an unforgettable impression then you are going to want to consider land yacht hire. The elegance and luxury involved with this form of transportation really is enough to take your breath away.

What is a Land Yacht?

A land yacht is an attempt to recreate the pure lavishness of a sea yacht on land. What this means is that you get a unique travel experience that will have you and your travel buddies feeling like they have arrived in an exclusive club. Nobody could view travelling a chore while sitting inside one of these vehicles. You can find everything inside them from champagne filled fridges to karaoke machines; depending on the type of land yacht hire you choose. Here are just some of the things you may find inside one of these lavish vehicles;
  • Tinted windows
  • Luxury leather seats designed for utmost comfort
  • Computer facilities
  • Mood lighting
  • Plasma TVs
  • Air ride suspension
  • Air conditioning
  • Drinks fridge
  • Game consoles
  • DVD and music players
  • Electrical sockets
The items that will be inside your land yacht will depend on the model you choose and the above list is only a brief glimpse of what is available. The real description of what to expect from land yacht hire goes way beyond lists and could be better described as a trip where you feel pampered and important.

Why Choose Land Yacht Hire?

There are two usual reasons why people choose land yacht hire; they want to treat themselves or others or they want to create a winning impression. These reasons are both reasonable and they can definitely be achieved when you choose this form of transport. Choosing a land yacht shows you have a lot of class and nobody will be able to deny the charms of this type of vehicle. Even those who own their own jet planes are won over by a trip in one of these yachts. If you want to portray your company as a serious and professional outfit that is going places then what better way to send the message to clients then picking them up from the airport in one of these vehicles.

Of course the land yacht is not only about business. If you are planning a day at the races or want to catch a show in the West End with a group of friends then there is no better way you could arrive at your destination in more style; forget about limos because these are a different league. When you travel to anywhere in a land yacht it will create the perfect mood for whatever is planned when you reach your destination. If the description here has piqued your interest then why not find out a bit more about land yacht hire; you may be in for a surprise when you find that it is nowhere near as expensive as you might think.

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