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Luxury Coach Holidays

When you are planning your next holiday, don't overlook luxury coach holidays. Once thought of as the poor relation to flights, or better suited to older people, luxury coach holidays are often now a preferable option, offering levels of luxury and convenience greatly exceeding the other options.

Go in Comfort And In Style

Whether it's a short trip out, or a grand tour of several countries, the luxury coach may be a better option than you could suspect. Imagine the convenience of transport to take you absolutely everywhere you want to go. No having to rely on flights, cars or trains. You can travel in comfort all the way.

With a dedicated driver and assistant or hostess, your every need is catered for and there's nothing to worry about.

Luxury coaches now can come equipped with a vast range of amenities. High-end sounds systems, flat screen TV and DVD players take care of the entertainment. Seating is usually reclining, comfortable and offering plenty of space. Most coaches come equipped with a fully functioning bathroom and fridge.

Further amenities can include air-conditioning, wi-fi, food and drink and even drinks counter and sleeping areas.

Luxury coach holidays offer a great way to get about, with a smooth comfortable ride, large windows and a great view wherever you are travelling. Safety is assured by seatbelts, and all the protection and security that modern technology can provide.

Go Anywhere You Want With Luxury Coaches

So, what sort of holidays are on offer? The range is enormous. To give you some idea, the well-known National Holidays group offer many tours in Britain, Europe and Ireland. British holidays include:
  • Seaside breaks
  • City visits
  • Family attractions
  • Cabaret breaks
  • Free bar and all-inclusive packages
  • Mystery breaks
  • Shopper specials
  • Festive trips
European breaks include:
  • City visits
  • River cruises
  • Mini breaks
  • Disneyland trips
  • Christmas tours
  • Early bird breaks
  • All-inclusive
  • Special events
Ireland holidays offer in particular:
  • Scenic tours
  • St Patrick's Day Specials
  • Dublin City Breaks
  • Ireland's West coast
  • Kerry and the South West
This is to give you just a taste of what is available with luxury coach holidays as arranged by the coach companies. In addition to this, one popular option is the tailor-made group holiday. Here, the company can design a holiday specially for the needs of a group.

You choose the dates and destinations. This can range from a weekend break for a few, to a major European tour for 50 people. Great discounts can be offer and these types of holiday can be especially affordable when organized this way.

Go with Confidence With Luxury Coach Holidays

With luxury coach holidays, the strain is completely taken out of your hands. Choose a professional, well-run company and you can be sure that your holiday will be enjoyable and comfortable. Serving a vast range of destinations and offering every type of break conceivable, luxury coach holidays are a sensible choice if you are looking for convenience, flexibility and affordability.

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