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Luxury Coach Motorhomes

Long associated with North America, luxury coach motorhomes are now an increasingly popular option in the UK. Designed to provide comfortable home-style living in a mobile form, motorhomes provide an all-in-one solution to accommodation and travel. Usually offering 2, 4 or 6 berths (beds), these vehicles are now easy to drive, full-equipped and in ready supply, new or used. Hire is a popular option also.

Luxury Coach Hire Luxury coach motorhomes allow the freedom of the road. Travel wherever you want and enjoy the flexibility to choose when and where you stop.

Costs That Are Involved

New luxury coach motorhomes can cost from around 30,000 upwards. The price range is vast, due to the endless list of extras that can be specified.

Second hand examples give a good idea as to the range of prices. Some examples recently advertised include the following:
  • 2004 Fiat Napoli 4 berth 23,000
  • 2003 Fiat Roma 6 berth 22,000
  • 2008 Fiat Napoli 4 berth 30,000
  • 1998 Peugeot Symbol 2 berth 18,000
  • 2008 Ford A70 Sunlight 6 berth 31,000
  • 2003 Suzuki Daneste II 2 berth 7,000
  • 2001 Winnebago Sunrise 6 berth 22,000
Luxury motorhomes can be rented with ease. Some example costs range as follows:
  • 4 berth 3 nights Winter season - 375
  • 4 berth 3 nights Spring or Autumn season - 450
  • 6 berth 3 nights Winter season - 390
  • 6 berth 3 nights Spring season - 450
  • 6 berth 3 nights Autumn season - 475
  • Luxury 3 nights Winter season - 780
  • Luxury 3 nights Spring season - 900
  • Luxury 3 nights Autumn season - 950
  • 4 berth week Winter season - 650
  • 4 berth week Spring season - 750
  • 4 berth week Summer season - 875
  • 4 berth week Autumn season - 775
When hiring, extra costs can include the following:
  • European travel pack
  • Linen set
  • Satellite navigation
  • Additional insurance
  • Towels
  • BBQ set
  • Pick-up or collection

Specifications For you To Consider

The cheapest motorhomes will usually include a twin-style bed, hob, sink, fridge, porta potti toilet, hot water, mains hook-up, fresh water tank and radio/CD player.

A good example of this type of vehicle might be the Wheelhome Daneste II, a mini-size motorhome based on the Suzuki Serena MPV. Managing to pack a great range of equipment into a small body size, the Daneste actually includes all the items mentioned in the previous paragraph, and is ideal for uses such fishing trips, hill walking excursions, weekend breaks and countryside tours. Using no more space than a small MPV, the Daneste is particularly easy to drive and park.

A more sizable example of luxury coach motorhomes would be an Ace Milano, based on a Fiat chassis. Recent models include a 5 berth with hob, oven, sink, 3-way fridge, cassette toilet, shower, wash basin, air heating, hot water, radio/cassette, mains hook-up, leisure battery, fresh water tank, waste water tank and immobiliser.

Obviously, luxury coach motorhomes can come in still larger and even more highly-specified and luxurious forms, but this article will give you a good introduction as to the range available.

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